• January 09, 2023
    Future Proof an Off-Grid Battery Bank
    Many people have turned to off-grid solar system as a way to become less reliant on grid solar system and separate themselves from the ever-rising costs of electricity. But when you’re completely dependent on your own energy production to power your home, you must plan for your current needs and potential future needs. Keep reading to learn more about how to future-proof your off-grid batter...
  • January 04, 2023
    Off-grid Solar Inverters: What They Are And Why To Use Them
    In a world where power can be accessed from everywhere, is it important to know what an off-grid solar inverter is? What are the advantages of using one, and how does it work?  What is an off-grid solar inverter? Solar inverters are useful devices that can help power off-grid systems. The three main solar inverters are grid-tied, off-grid, and hybrid inverters. A grid-tied inverter converts D...
  • December 13, 2022
    Although when many think of solar energy, they picture solar panels on rooftops, there are in fact many different types of ways solar panels can be mounted. And If you are limited on unshaded roof top space, and have large land available, a ground mounted solar panel system might be the solution to your energy needs. Although most residential homes don’t necessarily have spare land, ground m...
  • December 06, 2022
    Mini Solar Panel Station On Balcony
    Electricity prices are skyrocketing and home energy bills are getting more and more expensive. Most people are looking for ways to save money on their electricity bills. Either way, even if you can only save a small amount, it’s still a good thing. Many people choose to install solar panels on the roof of their house, which is a smart choice. And what about those renters or apartment owners ...
  • November 28, 2022
    Advant​ages of shingled solar panels
    In recent years, the market for solar modules significantly changed from more or less exclusively ribbon-based interconnection of full-square solar cells to a wide variety of c​ell formats and interconnection technologies which continuously increased power outputs. One of those technologies is shingled cell technology, which uses overlapping thin cell strips assembled either horizontally or vertic...
  • November 23, 2022
    The largest single centralized (shared) energy storage power station in Hubei Province is fully connected to the grid for power generation!
    At 18:16 on November 18, 2022, the largest single centralized (shared) energy storage power station in Hubei Province will be fully connected to the grid for power generation! The solar project covers an area of more than 20 acres, with a total installed capacity of 60MW/120MWh. The solar energy storage system includes two types: liquid cooling (capacity 30MW/61.9MWh) and air cooling (capacity 30....
  • November 16, 2022
    PetroChina's first surface photovoltaic project generates more than
    As of November 8, PetroChina's first surface solar panel project, Daqing Oilfield Xinghuo Photovoltaic Power Station, has been running smoothly for 131 days, with a cumulative power generation exceeding 10 million kWh, reaching 10.5 million kWh. In recent years, Daqing Oilfield has focused on building a green industrial structure and a low-carbon energy supply system, and vigorously promoted the d...
  • November 08, 2022
    Solar panels: Do they work on cloudy days and in the winter months?
    This is by far one of the most frequently asked questions by would-be owners of solar energy systems. It’s only natural for UK residents to wonder whether solar panels produce energy in the winter. How long will solar panels continue to generate energy when the temperatures drop and the skies darken? In a place like the United Kingdom, where the winter is only three months long but might fee...
  • November 02, 2022
    Can Solar Panels Cause Fires?
    How to Prevent or Reduce Solar Panel Fire Risk Some of the precautions that you can take include: Choosing experienced solar PV installers An experienced solar  installer is likely to have a good reputation in the area. Apart from looking at their reputation and years of experience, the technician should have the required licenses. It ascertains that they know how to do a good job and that th...
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