• 780MW! The largest project in Jiangsu, China, has recently been connected to the grid!
    780MW! The largest project in Jiangsu, China, has recently been connected to the grid!
    September 21, 2023
    On August 23, the largest ground-based centralized solar panel project in Jiangsu Province - CNNC Huineng's Jiangsu Sihongdong Magnetic 700,000-kilowatt ecological energy integration project, Meihua District, was connected to the grid to generate electricity, marking a major achievement for Sihong County's large-scale solar energy system power generation base. The breakthrough is of positive significance for building a new energy system in Jiangsu and coordinating the integrated development of wind, solar, and storage. The project has an installed capacity of 700,000 kilowatts. After the full capacity is connected to the grid for power generation, it is expected to provide about 845 million kilowatt hours of green energy to the society every year, save more than 250,000 tons of standard coal, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 630,000 tons, and continue to contribute to the local economy. Injecting green kinetic energy into development and actively assisting the construction of the local ecological environment can effectively reduce environmental pollution and have good economic and social benefits. On August 16, the 80-MW Jiezun Gongdao Fishing and Photovoltaic Complementary Project in Gongdao Town, Hanjiang District was successfully connected to the grid to generate electricity, becoming the first market-oriented photovoltaic project connected to the grid in Jiangsu. The project covers an area of about 1,300 acres, has installed about 145,000 solar panels, and is equipped with a 16 MWh energy storage system power station. It adopts the "fishing and photovoltaic complementary" model to make full use of land resources and achieve an organic combination of breeding, power generation and energy storage. This photovoltaic project is one of the first batch of market-oriented photovoltaic projects in the province in 2021. "This project is equipped with a 16 MWh energy storage power station based on 10% of the installed photovoltaic capacity, which is equivalent to a 'power bank' with a capacity of 16,000 kWh, which can reduce the impact of large power fluctuations of centralized photovoltaics on the power grid. ." Yang Xiaonan, a full-time employee of the Development Department of State Grid Yangzhou Power Supply Company, said that at the same time, the energy storage power station built in the project can promptly store excess power when new energy power generation is excessive, and connect the stored power to the grid when the power load is high. Improve the problem of new energy power generation and consumption.
  • Shanghai's largest photovoltaic project is fully connected to the grid!
    Shanghai's largest photovoltaic project is fully connected to the grid!
    September 12, 2023
    Recently, the largest centralized photovoltaic project in Shanghai, the Shanghai Chongming Port West Fisheries Photovoltaic Complementary Photovoltaic Power Generation Project, was connected to the grid at full capacity. This project is China General Nuclear Power Corporation's first centralized solar energy system project in Shanghai, with an installed capacity of 158 MW. It will be implemented in two phases. It is also the second major "double recruitment and introduction" major talent project in Shanghai and a green step for Chongming District to build a world-class ecological island. One of the projects. It is reported that after the project is officially put into operation, the average annual power generation can reach 172 million kilowatt-hours, which can reduce the consumption of standard coal by more than 70,000 tons per year and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 149,000 tons. The environmental benefits are equivalent to planting 59,000 acres of forest, which will significantly Increasing the proportion of regional clean energy has positive significance for building a green and low-carbon production and living concept, creating beautiful countryside, building a world-class ecological island, and building Shanghai's new energy system. With the strong support of the Chongming District Agricultural Committee of Shanghai, CGN New Energy and Shanghai Ocean University have joined forces to combine fishery farming with innovative demonstration projects. Through the efficient compound utilization of land resources, they can achieve the dual benefits of power production and fishery farming, and strive to create It is a modern green ecological photovoltaic demonstration zone and fishery breeding science and education base that integrates ecology, intelligence and standardization. As of now, the total installed capacity of CGN's domestic new energy projects in operation exceeds 35 million kilowatts, and the projects are distributed in more than 550 new energy stations across the country.
  • The world's first transparent thin film solar cell!
    The world's first transparent thin film solar cell!
    September 06, 2023
    A research team led by Dr. Jung-dae Kwon from the Department of Energy and Electronic Materials at the Korea Institute of Materials Science has successfully realized the world's first transparent thin-film solar cell on a flexible substrate that can exhibit different reflective colors without Significantly reduces solar cell efficiency. The results of the research were published in the Journal of Chemical Engineering. This is a technique to achieve reflective color in a single material by periodically adding hydrogen to induce a difference in refractive index in aluminum-doped zinc oxide as a transparent electrode. By designing multilayer films with extremely low refractive index differences (less than 5%), reflection losses in the visible light region absorbed by the solar cell device are minimized. This technique can be applied to various absorbers for thin-film solar cells since the realization of color hardly reduces the efficiency of solar cells. Furthermore, it is expected to become a benchmark for improving the aesthetics of transparent thin-film solar cells on flexible substrates for BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic) and VIPV (Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaic). So far, multi-layer thinning technology for materials with large refractive index differences, color-controlled thin-film coating technology to engineer optical properties, and structural color technology to mimic natural structures have been used as color applications to improve the aesthetics of transparent thin-film solar cells method. However, due to the wide reflection band, high reflectivity, or the need for complex technologies, it is difficult to realize industrial application in terms of two or more materials and processes, and these technologies are not suitable for solar cells that absorb visible light. Using the vacuum sputtering deposition method used in general semiconductor and solar cell manufacturing processes, the research team formed multilayer films with different refractive indices through periodic hydrogen reactions while depositing zinc oxide films. Then, they obtained the three primary colors of light by adjusting the thickness of the multilayer film. At the time, even when applied to solar cells that absorb light in the visible range, the color of the electrodes was well realized. Multilayer transparent thin-film electrodes based on a single material do not require additional processing, and are expected to realize high-efficiency thin-film solar cells of various colors at low cost. In addition, since reflective color is realized as an optical filter, it can be applied in various fields such as image sensors, photosensors, optoelectronic elements, optical communication, optoelectronics, etc. Lead researcher Dr. Jung-dae Kwon said: "When this technology is commercialized, it will help develop simple, processing-free filter technology and efficient colored flexible substrate transparent thin-film solar cells to realize modern buildings with aesthetic fea...
  • Brightening the World with Solar Power: SUNROVER leads the way at Thailand Photovoltaic Exhibition!
    Brightening the World with Solar Power: SUNROVER leads the way at Thailand Photovoltaic Exhibition!
    August 30, 2023
    Brightening the World with Solar Power: SUNROVER leads the way at Thailand Photovoltaic Exhibition! SUNROVER participated in the international photovoltaic exhibition held in Thailand. This exhibition will be a gathering place for leading companies and professionals in the photovoltaic industry to showcase the latest solar panel technology and innovative solutions for us. SUNROVER is a leading enterprise dedicated to the development of renewable energy. We focus on the R&D, production and application of solar technology. We will showcase our latest solar panel products and solutions, providing customers with superior energy options through innovative design and technology with superior reliability. At the exhibition, you will have the opportunity to experience our innovative products and solutions first-hand. We will showcase various high-efficiency solar panels, smart energy management systems and sustainable solar energy system solutions. These products are designed to cater to customers of varying sizes and needs, whether in the domestic, commercial or industrial sectors. Our professional team will interact with you during the exhibition and answer your relevant questions. Whether you are looking for a reliable solar energy supplier or are interested in solar energy technology, SUNROVER will be your can't-miss partner.
  • SUNROVER 2023 Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Project 2MW Successfully Connected to the Grid
    SUNROVER 2023 Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Project 2MW Successfully Connected to the Grid
    August 21, 2023
    The 2 MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Bozhou, Anhui, China has completed full-capacity grid connection. The project used Trina 550W solar panels, a total of 3636 pcs were used. The goal of the project is to use solar photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity, provide renewable energy to the region, and promote the development of clean energy. The high efficiency and reliability of Trina 550W solar panel make them ideal for maximizing power output and reducing system costs. The project's photovoltaic modules are installed on the roof of the building, making the best use of the available space to maximize electricity production. By installing on the roof, the project avoids occupying valuable land resources and reduces the adverse impact on the environment. The full-capacity grid connection of the 2 MW photovoltaic power generation project has made an important contribution to the power supply in the region. Through distributed power generation, the project directly transmits power to the local grid to provide clean and reliable power for surrounding residents and businesses. At the same time, the project also provides a model for the society, encouraging more regions to adopt renewable energy technologies and promoting sustainable development around the world. With the high-efficiency performance of Trina's 550W photovoltaic modules and a 2MW solar energy system, this project has played an important demonstration and leading role in the development of the local solar energy industry. It not only meets the local demand for clean energy, but also provides valuable experience and reference for similar projects in other regions. The successful operation of the project has taken an important step in promoting the development of the renewable energy industry and set a successful example for the construction of future solar photovoltaic power generation projects.
  • Solar Energy Australia: is mid-scale solar the future of renewables?
    Solar Energy Australia: is mid-scale solar the future of renewables?
    August 16, 2023
    How Australia is maximizing its solar energy resources with mid-scale solar installations? It’s fair to say that Australia is embracing the potential of mid-scale solar installations with a slew of new and upcoming projects. The partnerships between major companies like Sustainable Energy Infrastructure and Yates Electrical Services Group (YES Group) are leading the charge in this new wave of sustainable energy projects. One such project that recently came to fruition is the Woods Point solar and battery storage farm, located near Murray Bridge in South Australia. This combined solar and battery project, generating a hearty 5MW, is a testament to the progress made in the mid-scale solar sector. It features 9,000 bifacial solar panels and a 2.5MWh, two-hour battery storage system. The project stands as a milestone in South Australia’s energy transition, underlining the potential of storage solutions and regional distributed energy assets. Sydney-based MPower Group Ltd has also built several mid-scale solar projects across Australia. With 5MW solar farms such as Mannum Solar Farm Project, Pirie Solar Farm, SA, and Solar For Samoa already connected to the grid, plans are in place for the development of the Faraday scheme in the state of Victoria. The project will comprise 11,000 bifacial photovoltaic modules spanning over 100 km (62 miles), and will be situated northwest of Melbourne. Due to be constructed in 2023, the plant will produce more than 11,500 MWh of electricity annually, enough to power 1,500 homes. Nathan Wise, MPower CEO, said of the project in 2021, “MPower is actively building a pipeline of 5MW solar project sites and currently has exclusivity over six sites. We are looking to create an initial portfolio of up to 20 renewable energy assets with an aggregate capacity of 100MWac and an estimated value of more than $150 million once fully constructed.” The Woods Point project is just the jewel in the crown of YES Group and Sustainable Energy Infrastructure's impressive portfolio. The partnership boasts approval for 55MW across 11 different assets in New South Wales and South Australia. There are currently five projects in operation, three under construction, and three more in the design and procurement stage. The companies are focusing their efforts on the sub-5 MW mid-scale sector, offering a faster approval process and avoiding grid connection challenges faced by large-scale projects. YES Group, with over 120 solar farms under its belt, emphasizes the value of the swift and straightforward development process within the sub-5 MW market. Along with two additional projects in Port Wakefield and Padthaway, the Woods Point project will generate 27 GWh of solar energy and store 3 GWh of energy. An ambitious $200 million investment plan is in the works, aimed at developing between 70 MW and 100 MW of projects across eastern Australia in the coming years. Meanwhile, in a blend of sport and sustainability, a South Aust...
  • Unleash the Power of the Sun with SUNROVER at Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo!
    Unleash the Power of the Sun with SUNROVER at Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo!
    August 10, 2023
    Unleash the Power of the Sun with SUNROVER at Solar PV & Energy Storage World Expo! Join us on this transformative journey as we harness the boundless energy of the sun to create a brighter, sustainable future. Discover our state-of-the-art solar systems and innovative energy storage system technologies that are revolutionizing the way we generate and utilize clean energy. From residential rooftops to large-scale commercial installations, we empower individuals and businesses to take control of their energy needs and reduce their carbon footprint.  Together, let's unlock a world powered by the sun's limitless potential. SUNROVER: Powering the future.
  • Warmly Congratulate On Sunrover 11.18MW Solar System  Grid-connected Operation Successfully (JAC Phase I )
    Warmly Congratulate On Sunrover 11.18MW Solar System Grid-connected Operation Successfully (JAC Phase I )
    August 03, 2023
    SunRover, a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions, is proud to announce the successful on grid solar system operation of its landmark solar system, consisting of a massive 11.18MW of solar panels. This significant milestone marks a major step forward in the adoption of renewable energy in Lu'an City, Anhui and reinforces SunRover's commitment to creating a greener and more sustainable future. The completion of JAC Phase I, with its 11.18MW capacity, solidifies SunRover's position as a pioneer in the solar industry. The project encompasses state-of-the-art solar panels strategically installed across Lu'an City, Anhui Province, harnessing the abundant sunlight and converting it into clean, reliable electricity. This environmentally friendly initiative will contribute significantly to reducing carbon emissions and powering Lu'an City's progress towards a sustainable future. • Vast Energy Generation: The 11.18MW solar system comprises 20654pcs of high-efficiency 550W solar panels. • Cutting-edge Technology: SunRover's solar panels are equipped with the latest advancements in solar energy technology, ensuring maximum efficiency and performance. By capturing and converting sunlight into usable electricity, SunRover's panels provide a reliable and sustainable power source for residential, commercial, and industrial applications. • Seamless Grid Integration: The successful grid-connected operation of the SunRover Solar System ensures a seamless integration with the local power grid. This means that excess energy generated by the solar panels can be fed back into the grid, contributing to the city's energy su apply and providing cost savings for the community.
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