In 2022, ten scenarios suitable for installing industrial and commercial photovoltaic projects!

Time: September 13, 2022

With the rise of industrial and commercial electricity prices, the gradual process of industrial and commercial rooftop distributed solar panel power plants has become an important direction for future photovoltaic development. On the one hand, it helps enterprises reduce operating costs and improve efficiency, and on the other hand, it can contribute to the development of clean energy in the country.


According to statistics, the total energy consumption of colleges and universities accounts for about 8% of the total solar energy consumption of national living consumption, but the per capita energy consumption is three times that of the national per capita living energy consumption.

Campus-installed photovoltaics have many advantages:

1. Regional advantages, colleges and universities generally choose to be located in suburban areas, avoiding pollution sources such as exhaust gas, waste water, and dust. Generally, schools cover a relatively large area, and the roofs are mostly flat roofs. The available area is abundant, and the centralized layout and reasonable zoning are very suitable for the installation of photovoltaic power plants.

2. The campus has the advantages of architectural structure. The photovoltaic power station can generate electricity for 25 years, and the service life and bearing capacity of the educational building are much higher than those of the local ordinary buildings.

3. The energy use advantage of the campus, the peak power generation of photovoltaic power plants occurs at noon every day, which is also the peak energy consumption of the school, such as supermarkets, canteens, dormitory living areas, etc. need a lot of power, photovoltaic power grid can be to a certain extent. On-campus power demand for alleviating peak electricity usage on campus.

4. During winter and summer vacations, the surplus electricity generated by photovoltaics can also provide: first, battery storage in summer vacations, cooling of libraries and swimming pools; second, heating of swimming pools during winter vacations, cooling of data room, etc.

Logistics Park

According to the data, there are currently 1,638 logistics parks in China, and there are as many as 119 cities with first- and second-level logistics parks. Assuming that each park can install at least 1MW of photovoltaic power plants, the photovoltaic + logistics park has at least 1.638GW of market space!

In the past two years, the photovoltaic + logistics park model has become more and more common.

High-consumption power plant areas such as sewage treatment/garbage treatment plants

Sewage treatment plants, water plants, garbage treatment plants, etc. are also the types of enterprises that are popularly installed in industrial and commercial photovoltaic power plants.

This type of factory area consumes a lot of electricity, and at the same time has the characteristics of large area and open space, and it has unique advantages to build photovoltaic power generation projects above it. In addition, the installation of photovoltaics can offset part of the electricity costs. The photovoltaic panels can also block rain, snow and sundries, reduce equipment loss, and at the same time have a cooling effect, improving water quality and employee work quality.

All energy-intensive plants

High-energy-consumption factories such as aluminum power plants and paper industries usually have the characteristics of large roof area, flat roof, few obstructions, large power consumption, and high electricity price.

Large supermarkets, squares

Large shopping malls and plazas have high electricity prices, large roofs, and a lot of electricity is required for business during the day, which is very suitable for installing photovoltaic power plants. Similar to the cases of installing photovoltaic power plants above shopping malls such as Wanda, IKEA, and Wal-Mart, in addition, places with storage functions such as cold storage and granary are also very suitable for installing solar panel power plants.

Parking lot/PV carport

Photovoltaic carport, one of the most simple and easy ways to combine photovoltaics and architecture, makes full use of the original site, is easy to install and has low cost, and has become more and more popular in recent years. The top surface of the carport is replaced by photovoltaic modules, which not only realizes the power generation function, but also plays the role of sunshade and rainproof.

Expressway and roadside photovoltaic power station

The project forms of photovoltaic + transportation development are diversified: industrial and commercial photovoltaic projects can be developed along station facilities, rail transit and high-speed railway lines, highway roads, etc., and photovoltaic modules can also be laid on roads themselves as photovoltaic roads.

Photovoltaic + expressway has been widely used, making full use of the space resources of expressway, realizing the organic integration of photovoltaic power generation, transportation, energy saving and emission reduction, and road maintenance.

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