• May 24, 2022
    6 Hard-to-Believe Solar Energy Facts
    Solar energy is one of the most promising forms of renewable energy available today. It is clean, efficient, and has the potential to meet a large percentage of our energy needs. Despite all of its benefits, solar energy still faces some challenges regarding public perception. In particular, some people find it difficult to believe that solar power can be a viable source of energy for the future. ...
  • August 23, 2022
    A Tale of Two Trends: Falling Storage Costs and Growth of Solar Deployments
    Solar is the lowest-cost source of electricity and battery-based energy storage is the least expensive flexible peaking capacity resource across much of the world today. Embracing a 100% clean energy future is not only imperative, but also the most economic path forward. The remarkable growth of Solar + Storage deployments is the result of two colliding trends: the falling cost of energy storage a...
  • August 30, 2022
    Energy storage: the key to a decarbonised future
    Efficient solar energy storage is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition: allowing flexible renewable energy production and guaranteeing its integration into the grid. Electricity can be easily generated, transported and transformed. However, up until now it has not been possible to store it in a practical, easy and cost-effective way. This means that electricity needs to be generated conti...
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