• July 05, 2022
    Advantages of solar system installed in Three-Phase over Single-Phase
    You may be surprised to know that solar panels work in relation to the number of power phases coming into a house or a business. This is crucial to decide the kind and size of inverter you must attach to your solar panels. Three-phase power supply transmits more power than a single phase. How to find out whether single-phase or double phase electric supply You can find out if your house or busines...
  • July 26, 2022
    Considerations for solar projects during heat waves
    As heat waves become increasingly frequent, people are starting to ask whether PV systems can cope with such high temperatures. Inverter failure If an inverter becomes too hot, it usually switches itself off or reduces its power to such an extent that the higher ambient temperature does not harm it. This is known as temperature derating. The number of possible causes further reduces the percentage...
  • September 06, 2022
    Micro-Inverters Vs. String Inverters: A Comprehensive Guide
    Virtually no solar power system is complete without an inverter. People even compare the importance and functionality of a solar inverter with that of a heart. It, therefore, becomes mandatory to take a look at the evolution of such a crucial component - which brings us to the comparison of traditional, string inverters with the more advanced Micro Inverter! What Are Microinverters? “Micro&r...
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