solar corridors are used in multiple scenarios to protect the ecological environment and vigorously develop solar applications

Time: March 08, 2022

solar panel corridors have the advantages of not occupying land, not covering greenery, not disturbing residents, not demolition, not polluting, etc., which not only protects the ecological environment, but also vigorously develops solar applications.

It can be in rural areas, or in cities and industrial parks with high energy consumption. solar corridors can combine scenery, flyovers, communities, schools, etc., as well as rural culture, to contribute solar power to the "double carbon" goal and rural revitalization strategy!

This "solar Cloud Corridor" in Songjiang, Shanghai is built on the land near the G60 expressway toll gate. The Cloud Corridor is 1.5 kilometers long and is a grand building complex along the G60 expressway.

The flexible film modules used in this project have strong plasticity and are easy to install. The weight is only about one-third of the hard film. Not only can it reduce the structural burden of the project, reduce the consumption of consumables such as steel and aluminum, but also solar power generation can be used for buildings. The entire roof is generally undulating with waves, with a drop of 18 meters between the peaks and valleys, with a total area of ​​about 150,000 square meters. From a distance, it looks like a huge cloud gallery.

This roof is also a huge LED canopy, which can release technology + fashion information. At night, it is a dazzling landscape from a distance.


Advantages of solar corridors:

1. The land ownership unit of rural or park roads is relatively single, which reduces the operating cost and risk of solar projects.

2. The composite utilization of land solves the problem of land resources and avoids the huge trouble of additional land acquisition.

3. Block high temperature sunlight and directly reduce the road heat island effect.

4. The construction of solar corridor infrastructure, combined with applications such as charging piles, can provide services such as electricity and communication for the transportation system, and promote the development of smart transportation.

5. If the solar corridor is used as a road in the park, the electricity load in the park is relatively concentrated, so it will be consumed.

In addition to directly absorbing the enterprises on both sides of the solar corridor in the form of self-consumption and self-use, it is also possible to consider applying the National Energy Administration's distributed power generation market-oriented transaction pilot policy. Road solars and park enterprises realize point-to-point transactions and pay grid companies. The network fee will be used to build the energy Internet in the park.

solar corridors have many business models, such as cultural promotion, advertising, investment promotion, road lighting energy saving, and even the construction of energy storage charging piles, etc. The future market space of solar corridors is vast!

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