When photovoltaics meet traffic

Time: March 01, 2022

Recently, the trains of Line 1 in Hefei City, Anhui Province officially used on grid system photovoltaic power generation!

The  project uses the idle roof of the Line 1 to install solar panels, total designed installed capacity of 2.4MW ,l investment of 11 million RMB totally.

It can provide 2.6 million kWh to rail transit every year, of which 40% is used for train traction, and the rest 60% is used for production equipment.  Saving standard coal is about 936 tons annually, and the carbon dioxide emission is reduced about 2,500 tons. The benefits of energy saving and emission reduction are remarkable!

Combining photovoltaic with transportation is an important measure to promote the green and low-carbon development of the transportation industry. In recently, photovoltaic + transportation scenarios have become more and more diverse, and it can be seen everywhere such as high-speed railways, airports, railway stations, and highways.

The advantages of installing photovoltaic power plants in transportation systems:

1. It can enhance the image of the transportation system, reflect the green spirit, and play an exemplary role in energy conservation and emission reduction.

2. It can generate electricity and use it locally, reduce the cost and energy consumption of the power transmission process, and save the transmission cost; it can be used by owner and with the function of peak shaving, and it can be used as a backup  with energy storage.

3. Because the strong sunshine happens to be the peak period of electricity consumption, the system not only ensure the electricity consumption in its own building, but also supply power to the national grid under certain conditions, which relieves the peak power demand and solves the contradiction between supply and demand in the peak and valley of the grid.which with great social benefit;

4. Reduce pollution and contribute to "carbon neutrality".

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