Water photovoltaic - help photovoltaic break through land restrictions

Time: November 08, 2021

Water photovoltaic project is mainly the use of water to build photovoltaic power station, how to build it? There are currently two most common forms - floating and pile-fixed.

Pile fixed simply means that in the water pile, and then erected photovoltaic power station, and centralized, roof photovoltaic is the same. However, this form can only be used on small water surfaces, and for wide water areas like the ocean, pile-fixed water PV is too costly.


(Piled fixed over-water PV project)


In contrast, the future of floating PV is much brighter.


Floating water-based photovoltaic power stations use water-based machines to float photovoltaic modules on the water surface to generate electricity. In addition to not taking up land resources, it has a number of construction advantages.


(floating water-based photovoltaic power station)


(1) Reduce water evaporation and algae breeding: covering the solar panels on the water surface reduces water evaporation and inhibits algae breeding in the water, which is conducive to the protection of water resources.

(2) Increase power generation: lowering the temperature of PV modules can increase conversion efficiency, and water PV projects can increase module efficiency by 8% to 10% by cooling with natural water cooling or active water cooling systems.

(3) Bringing tourism benefits: neatly arranged PV modules on the vast water surface can serve as a distinctive attraction and become a landscape of the area, bringing tourism benefits.

(4) Convenient operation and maintenance: the PV plant is built in water, which reduces the pollution of the modules by dust and makes it easy to clean the modules. It is also relatively easy to install and dismantle as there is no land-based fixed foundation.

(5) Easy to implement energy storage. The combination with a body of water means that effective energy storage can be designed.

The many advantages make floating the main form of PV plant on water today.

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