The right way to maintain a solar power station in heavy snow

Time: November 08, 2021

In fact, in many cases, the reflective effect of snow will boost the power generated by the modules. If the modules are not covered, the snow on the ground will act as a mirror to emit the sun's rays back, better for double-sided modules. Therefore, high altitude solar panels will be more effective in generating electricity in winter than in the city.


However, if the modules are completely covered with snow, as shown below. Only a small or largely absent amount of sunlight reaches the PV module, then this can affect the amount of PV power generated.


Therefore, it is essential to clean the modules if there is a heavy accumulation of snow on them, so how can you clean them most effortlessly and efficiently? Let's look at a few examples of mistakes.


1. Scrape with a shovel

2. Sweeping with a wooden stick

3. Stepping on the components with your feet


Notes on handling snow

1. Be sure to pay attention to the use of soft objects to prevent scratching the glass and reducing the amount of light transmitted by the modules.

2. Be sure to pay attention not to use hot water to pour the surface of the component plate, uneven heat and cold will seriously damage the surface of the component plate

3. Be sure to pay attention not to step on the top of the module to clean, the module has certain load-bearing requirements, which may cause hidden cracks or damage to the module, affecting the life of the module.

4. Be sure to pay attention not to wait for the snow to be too thick before cleaning, so as to avoid component icing.

5. Snow removal must be net, snow accumulation if only a small strip remains, but also to clean up, was obscured by the components may be the overall failure, resulting in inverter power generation efficiency significantly reduced.

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