SUNROVER 2023 Roof Distributed Photovoltaic Project 2MW Successfully Connected to the Grid

Time: August 21, 2023

The 2 MW rooftop distributed photovoltaic power generation project in Bozhou, Anhui, China has completed full-capacity grid connection. The project used Trina 550W solar panels, a total of 3636 pcs were used.

The goal of the project is to use solar photovoltaic technology to convert solar energy into electricity, provide renewable energy to the region, and promote the development of clean energy. The high efficiency and reliability of Trina 550W solar panel make them ideal for maximizing power output and reducing system costs.

The project's photovoltaic modules are installed on the roof of the building, making the best use of the available space to maximize electricity production. By installing on the roof, the project avoids occupying valuable land resources and reduces the adverse impact on the environment.

The full-capacity grid connection of the 2 MW photovoltaic power generation project has made an important contribution to the power supply in the region. Through distributed power generation, the project directly transmits power to the local grid to provide clean and reliable power for surrounding residents and businesses. At the same time, the project also provides a model for the society, encouraging more regions to adopt renewable energy technologies and promoting sustainable development around the world.

With the high-efficiency performance of Trina's 550W photovoltaic modules and a 2MW solar energy system, this project has played an important demonstration and leading role in the development of the local solar energy industry. It not only meets the local demand for clean energy, but also provides valuable experience and reference for similar projects in other regions. The successful operation of the project has taken an important step in promoting the development of the renewable energy industry and set a successful example for the construction of future solar photovoltaic power generation projects.

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