The country's largest string energy storage power station is officially completed!

Time: February 02, 2024

Recently, the Nangang user-side energy storage power station, the largest string energy storage system project in the country, officially completed completion acceptance. The power station uses a total of 306 200kW/402kWh liquid cooling system energy storage cabinets, with a full capacity of 61MW/123MWh. The implementation of this project not only broke the record for the user-side energy storage project with the largest single capacity in China, but also once again verified the excellent strength of Lingchu Yuneng in “large project development and large project delivery”.

After the Nangang Energy Storage Power Station is put into operation, by charging and discharging twice a day, it can shift peaks and valleys by an average of about 240,000 kilowatt-hours per day. It can provide 1 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity throughout its life cycle and is expected to reduce carbon emissions by 1 million tons. It will play an important role in easing the regulatory pressure on regional power grids, improving Nangang's green electricity consumption and storage capabilities, and reducing energy usage costs.

The biggest highlight of the Nangang energy storage power station project is the application of string energy storage systems.

The so-called string energy storage system refers to the combination of multiple energy storage units into an energy storage system, which achieves optimal management and control of the energy storage system through intelligent control. It mainly includes energy storage equipment, intelligent controllers and management platforms. parts.

As the energy storage system service provider of the Nangang project, we fully considered the project’s ultimate requirements for all aspects of performance indicators and based on the distributed energy storage system architecture, divided 306 200kW/402kWh liquid cooling system energy storage cabinets into 17 square arrays. Through innovative technologies such as battery module-level energy optimization, single-cell battery cluster energy control, and digital intelligent management, multi-dimensional values such as higher discharge, better investment, simplified operation and maintenance, safety and reliability are given to the power station throughout its life cycle.

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