Time: April 03, 2024

• BESS Coya, owned by ENGIE Chile, obtained authorization from the National Electrical Coordinator to begin the operation.

This battery storage system has an installed capacity of 139 MW/638 MWh and allows storing the energy generated by the Coya Solar Plant, located in María Elena, Antofagasta region.

• ENGIE took an important step on its path towards decarbonization this week in Chile, obtaining authorization from the National Electric Coordinator (CEN) to commercially operate BESS Coya, the largest energy storage battery park in Latin America to date.

This new asset of the company has a storage capacity of 638 MWh, with 139 MW of installed capacity. Its technology is based on the Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) and uses lithium batteries to store the renewable energy generated by the Coya PV Photovoltaic Park (180 MWac), a plant located in María Elena, Antofagasta region.

“The lack of optimization of renewable energy generated in northern Chile has always been one of our concerns. For this reason, we decided to incorporate a storage system into the development of the Coya Solar Plant, with the aim of injecting energy into the system at night, when it is needed most. We believe that this technology is key to accelerating the decarbonization of Chile, while providing flexibility and security to the system. That makes its development an essential pillar of our business strategy,” explained Rosaline Corinthien, CEO of ENGIE Chile.

BESS Coya has 232 containers that are distributed evenly among the 58 inverters of the solar plant. It allows you to supply energy for 5 hours, which is equivalent to a delivery of 200 GWh on average per year. In addition, it plays a fundamental role in the environment, since it allows us to supply around 100,000 homes with green energy, avoiding the emission of 65,642 tons of CO2 per year.

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