Advantages of agricultural photovoltaic power plants

Time: February 25, 2022

Photovoltaic farms, also known as agriculture-photovoltaic complementarity,on grid system or off grid system/hybrid system, are agriculture-related projects that combine facility agriculture and photovoltaic power plants. It can be understood as a combination of photovoltaic power plants and facility agriculture construction. The use of farmland can realize multi-use and multi-productivity of one land, so as to create better economic and social benefits.

 1. Meet the needs of crop growth

The light required for crop growth and photovoltaic power generation require different light waves, and photovoltaic solar greenhouses can achieve both power generation and planting. Since solar cell modules will cause a certain amount of shading, each greenhouse can be designed with different installed capacity according to the light needs of different crops to meet the light needs of plants for photosynthesis.

Solar cell modules can also block some ultraviolet rays and reflect the blue-violet light needed for insect reproduction, which can effectively reduce plant diseases and insect pests, reduce the use of pesticides, and improve the quality and yield of planted crops. It is a new model of using high-tech to create green ecological agriculture.

 2. The need to improve land utilization and reduce the cost of photovoltaic industry

The traditional way to build photovoltaic power plants is generally industrial land, and the cost is relatively high. 

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