Reasonable operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, increased power generation!

Time: February 14, 2022

With the growing popularity of clean energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation, more and more businesses are installing photovoltaic power stations. While enjoying the benefits of photovoltaic power generation, power station owners should not neglect the maintenance and cleaning of their power stations at home.

Correct maintenance and care will not only ensure the power generation capacity of the plant, but also ensure sufficient service life.

Here we learn how to do a good job of maintenance of photovoltaic power station!

A. Cleaning of contaminants

Generally PV modules have a lifespan of 25 years or more. Regularly cleaning the solar panels of bird droppings, leaves and other obscurants will ensure maximum exposure of the panels to sunlight.

If you usually love cleanliness and have high requirements for power generation effect, you can also clean the modules by yourself, but you need to pay attention to these points below.


1. Generally choose to clean the modules in the morning or late afternoon. When cleaning, it is forbidden to stand less than 1m from the edge of the roof to carry out the work.

2. Before carrying out module cleaning, the monitoring records should be examined to see if there is any record of abnormal power output and to analyse whether it may cause leakage. The connecting wires and related components of the module must be checked for damage and adhesion, and the aluminium frame, bracket and tempered glass surface of the module must also be tested with a test pen before cleaning. In order to exclude the hidden danger of electricity leakage and ensure personal safety.

3. Personnel cleaning components should wear appropriate work clothes and a hat to avoid scraping and injury. Hooks, straps and straps on clothing or tools should be prohibited. Wires and other parts that can cause traction should be prohibited.

4. It is strictly forbidden to clean PV modules under meteorological conditions of high winds, heavy rain, thunderstorms or heavy snow. Winter cleaning should avoid rinsing, and do not rinse with cold water when the panel is very hot.

5.It is strictly forbidden to use hard and sharp tools or corrosive solvents and alkaline organic solvents to wipe the PV modules, and to spray the cleaning water into the module junction boxes, cable bridges, current convergence boxes and other equipment.

It is not recommended that users clean their own PV modules if they are not aware of the relevant professional cleaning knowledge. It is best to ask professional photovoltaic cleaning personnel to carry out cleaning and maintenance, in order to better ensure that photovoltaic modules are not damaged during the cleaning process.

B. Maintenance in extreme weather

1. If you encounter a trip in the rain, it is possible that the terminals are not tight. If this type of situation occurs, it must be dealt with after the rain has passed and the terminals can be wrapped with insulating tape and then observed to see if they trip. If the tripping phenomenon continues to occur, it should be reported to the maintenance centre or local electricity management station.

2. During thunderstorms, the air switch below the meter should be turned off to prevent damage to electrical equipment. When the thunderstorm is over, close the switch again.

Warm tip: We should not underestimate the cleaning and maintenance of home photovoltaic power station, cleaning the power station after the power generation can be increased by 5%-30%, cleaning frequency of ten times a year or once a month can be.

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