• November 08, 2021
    The right way to maintain a solar power station in heavy snow
    In fact, in many cases, the reflective effect of snow will boost the power generated by the modules. If the modules are not covered, the snow on the ground will act as a mirror to emit the sun's rays back, better for double-sided modules. Therefore, high altitude solar panels will be more effective in generating electricity in winter than in the city.   However, if the modules are completely ...
  • February 14, 2022
    Reasonable operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power plants, increased power generation!
    With the growing popularity of clean energy sources such as photovoltaic power generation, more and more businesses are installing photovoltaic power stations. While enjoying the benefits of photovoltaic power generation, power station owners should not neglect the maintenance and cleaning of their power stations at home. Correct maintenance and care will not only ensure the power generation capac...
  • March 15, 2022
    1500V hybrid energy storage system dresses up this green city
    The 20MW/40MWh new energy supporting hybrid system power station in Yongzhou, Hunan, which has been successfully put into operation, is running stably and reliably. It can provide about 80,000 kWh of electricity during the peak power consumption period each day, significantly improving the local new energy consumption and energy consumption in Yongzhou. Power supply reliability. This project ...
  • April 06, 2022
    EDP expands Polish solar presence with acquisition of installer Soon Energy
    EDP is to acquire Polish distributed solar company Soon Energy, enabling its presence in Poland to grow fivefold, the company has claimed, as it targets distributed generation as a key growth area in the country. Soon Energy has over 25MWp installed in solar system projects across Poland, of which 10MWp was installed in 2021, accruing revenues of €6 million (US$6.6 million). The acquisition w...
  • May 30, 2022
    Top Residential Uses of Solar Energy
    We understand solar energy to be an important alternative energy source to our daily living - but what are the ways we can utilise this on the everyday?  Solar energy remains one of the most sought after alternative energy sources today, especially in the face of climate change and rising global temperatures. Many governments are making specific moves to phase out of using fossil fuel energy,...
  • June 07, 2022
    98 photovoltaic power stations built in Taklimakan Desert!
    On June 2, the Tarim Oilfield Branch of PetroChina announced that Tarim Oilfield had officially built 98 photovoltaic power stations in the hinterland of the Taklimakan Desert, realizing green irrigation on desert roads and completely saying goodbye to the history of diesel engine power generation irrigating vegetation on both sides of desert roads. Tarim Oilfield said that since January this year...
  • August 23, 2022
    A Tale of Two Trends: Falling Storage Costs and Growth of Solar Deployments
    Solar is the lowest-cost source of electricity and battery-based energy storage is the least expensive flexible peaking capacity resource across much of the world today. Embracing a 100% clean energy future is not only imperative, but also the most economic path forward. The remarkable growth of Solar + Storage deployments is the result of two colliding trends: the falling cost of energy storage a...
  • August 30, 2022
    Energy storage: the key to a decarbonised future
    Efficient solar energy storage is a fundamental pillar of the energy transition: allowing flexible renewable energy production and guaranteeing its integration into the grid. Electricity can be easily generated, transported and transformed. However, up until now it has not been possible to store it in a practical, easy and cost-effective way. This means that electricity needs to be generated conti...
  • March 29, 2023
    Review and prospect of global tracking stent market
        On February 16, 2023, the seminar on the development review and prospect of the photovoltaic industry in 2022 sponsored by the China Photovoltaic Industry Association was successfully held. Shu Yunhua, Director of Tracking Stent Strategy Department of Trina Solar Co., Ltd., delivered a report on "2022 Tracking Stent Industry Review&Outlook".     From 2021 to 2022, the p...
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