Light storage and charging integration! Install photovoltaic parking sheds in open-air parking lots.

Time: October 25, 2022

It is understood that the parking lot of National University Science and Technology Park of Shandong University will be put into use on July 7, 2022. The project area is 9084 square meters, of which the road area is 4122 square meters and the green area is 2350 square meters, which can accommodate 196 vehicles. As an important supporting project of the park, the parking lot undertakes an important function of standardized services in the park.

The carport in the parking lot of Shandong University National University Science and Technology Park adopts a photovoltaic integrated structure. The solar panel is erected on the steel truss above the parking space. It can also provide lighting for parks and carports, which has the effect of serving multiple purposes with one stone. The carport is equipped with supporting facilities such as charging piles and solar energy storage, which can charge electric vehicles and electric bicycles, realizing the integration of light storage and charging, adding a new look to the green and low-carbon scene, and further moving towards a smart zero-carbon park.

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