The world's first! Issue the first kilowatt-hour

Time: November 01, 2022

On October 31, the 20 MW deep-sea floating solar energy system 500 kW demonstration project of SPIC Shandong Peninsula South No. 3 offshore wind farm successfully generated power, becoming the world's first deep-sea wind-solar floating solar panel demonstration project put into use.


The project is located in the sea area on the south side of Haiyang City, Shandong Province, 30 kilometers offshore and with a water depth of 30 meters. The 500-kilowatt floating offshore photovoltaic unit under construction this time is composed of two annular floating body units, with a single floating body unit having an installed capacity of 250 kilowatts. A total of 770 solar panels are installed on the floating unit with a diameter of 53 meters and an area equivalent to 4 standard basketball courts. The clean electric energy generated by it is collected to the inverter and sent to the peninsula South No. 3 wind turbine platform operating in the same field. Subsequently, it will be sent to the grid through the offshore booster station.

This demonstration project verifies the wind and wave resistance of the floating body, anchoring, and power generation components and the weather resistance of the marine environment, and verifies the technical feasibility of wind and solar power grid integration.

Different from the existing offshore photovoltaics in sheltered sea areas and offshore areas, this demonstration project is the world's first floating research and construction under the "Double 30" marine environment with an offshore distance of 30 kilometers, a water depth of 30 meters, and an extreme wave height of 10 meters. The demonstration project of offshore solar panel engineering, which adopts the patented elastic thin film technology of Norway Ocean Sun Company, the design of anchoring system and the marine environment-resistant photovoltaic modules customized by GCL Corporation, was jointly constructed by Beijing Sun Energy Company and Tianjin Port and Shipping Company to realize wind power, Photovoltaic power generation in the same field can effectively reduce the project cost and operation and maintenance cost, explore the technical route for the future scale, commercialization and standardization of offshore photovoltaics, and realize the value symbiosis with the industrial chain.

According to the person in charge of the project, the ring-shaped anti-wind and wave floating body of the offshore photovoltaic power station is prefabricated by high-density polyethylene pipe fittings, with a height of 0.6 to 0.8 meters. It is anchored to the seabed through 4 mooring points and 12 cables, and the safe distance from the wind turbine is kept at 60 meters. A new type of photovoltaic module platform is built in the middle of the floating body, and customized solar energy power generation components are used according to the sea conditions, which can reduce the impact of waves on the photovoltaic panels. The cooling of photovoltaic equipment by water can effectively improve the power generation efficiency by more than 10%.

The 20 MW offshore floating photovoltaic power station demonstration project of Shandong Peninsula South No. 3 Offshore Wind Farm is the first “scenery-scenery-on-scenario” integration project supported by Shandong Province. The successful power generation of the project marks the completion of an important phased goal of this task, and a major breakthrough in the research on floating solar energy system projects in the deep sea and the same field.

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