The wave of photovoltaic installations has arrived! EU to achieve 1000GW installed capacity by 2030

Time: May 24, 2022

The European Commission wants half of the bloc's energy to come from renewables by 2030, more than double the current level, according to a copy of the plan called "RepowerEU" cited by the Financial Times. One of the proposals in the proposal is to "introduce an obligation to install rooftop solar panel installations on all new buildings and all existing buildings with solar performance class D and above (the most energy consuming)".

The CEO of SolarPowerEurope said: “The EU needs to wean itself off Russian gas and oil as quickly as possible. By the end of 2022, more than 30GW of solar energy will be deployed, including 1.5 million new solar panel roofs, and by 2030, Europe will be able to achieve 1,000GW of solar energy. Install".

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen told a news conference on the REPowerEU program that the European Commission is taking its "mission to rid Russia of fossil fuels as quickly as possible" to "another level".

Solar roof requirements are proposed for commercial and public buildings from 2027 and new residential buildings from 2029. "I know it's ambitious, but it's realistic and we can do it," von der Leyen said, saying renewable energy was the EU's "biggest task".

The commission also said it would increase its 2030 renewable energy target from 40% to 45%. She said faster renewable energy permits would play a key role in achieving the higher targets. It also wants member states to set up "renewable energy entry zones" to get permits quickly. "The permitting process there is shortened to one year," says von der Leyen, which is a big improvement from the current average of six to nine years.

The strategy also sets a target of 592 GWac (740 GWdc) for solar in the EU by 2030. "This target is higher than the SolarPower Europe Global Market Outlook's business-as-usual forecast of 672 GWdc by the end of the decade," trade body SolarPower Europe said in a statement released.

"Today, the European Commission recognizes the enormous potential of rooftop solar and the need for a solar workforce to roll out rooftop and utility solar across Europe," said Dries Acke, policy director at SolarPower Europe. "We expect that by 2030, there will be as many as 110 10,000 solar jobs, the EU Solar Skills Partnership will help provide local workers.”

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