China's photovoltaic manufacturing helps Qatar build a "Green World Cup"

Time: November 21, 2022

On the evening of November 20, the 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off. The previous World Cup songs are sung again, the mascots are reappeared, and the feelings are full!

Although the Chinese men's football team is missing on the field, Chinese elements are still active in all aspects of the game. In the field of new energy power generation in Qatar, Chinese manufacturing is also the main force.

Among them, the eye-catching project is the 800MW solar energy power station in Alcazar, Qatar, which can meet 10% of the country's peak power demand and greatly increase the proportion of renewable energy in Qatar's energy consumption. It not only provides power guarantee for the World Cup, but also An important move for Qatar to fulfill its commitment to host a "Green World Cup".

The power station is located in the desert 80 kilometers west of Doha, the capital of Qatar. The park covers an area of ​​10 square kilometers, which is equivalent to about 1,400 football fields. More than 2 million solar panels have been installed to make use of the unique light and heat resources in this area for electricity production. It is the first non-fossil fuel power station in Qatar, and is currently the third largest single photovoltaic power generation project in the world, as well as the world's largest photovoltaic project using tracking systems and bifacial solar panels.

It is reported that the Alcazar solar energy system project can provide Qatar with about 1.8 billion kilowatt-hours of clean electricity every year, which can meet the annual electricity consumption of about 300,000 households and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 900,000 tons per year. The project has far-reaching significance in Qatar and the entire Middle East region, and can meet more than 10% of Qatar's peak power demand.

Khabir, Minister of State for Energy Affairs of Qatar, pointed out at the commissioning ceremony last month that after being connected to the grid, the project will provide Qatar with energy support at competitive electricity prices, and improve energy efficiency through diversification of power sources. The proportion of renewable energy utilization is also conducive to the realization of national economic diversification.

According to public information, the total investment of the Alcazar photovoltaic project is 417 million US dollars. The EPC of the power station is generally contracted by PowerChina Guizhou Engineering Co., Ltd., and the project will start construction in July 2020.

This project is also the world's largest photovoltaic project that uses tracking systems and bifacial modules. All the modules use LONGi's "Hi-MO 4" bifacial solar panels, and Sungrow provides a complete set of 1500V solar inverter solutions.

Li Jun, the on-site construction manager of PowerChina Project, said: "This project provides Qatar with a greener and more stable power supply. The 800 MW photovoltaic area of ​​this project all uses Chinese equipment, which accounts for more than 60% of the total project investment. It has further enhanced the market share of domestic brands in the Middle East, given full play to the advantages of the integration of the entire industrial chain, and created a good overseas image of Chinese companies."

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