Germany will build the largest floating photovoltaic power station in China!

Time: November 08, 2022

Government officials in the eastern German city of Cottbus have paved the way for the development of Germany's largest floating photovoltaic power plant. The solar power panel will be built on Lake Cottbus Ostsee, an artificial lake formed by a former open-pit lignite mine.

Cottbus Mayor Holger Kelch and energy company LEAG announced the upcoming solar power project.

Project developers LEAG and EP New Energies can now apply to the authorities for the required construction permits by the end of 2022, as the government sends a green signal for floating PV projects, an official statement said. According to the announced details, the solar project is expected to produce around 20,000MWh of clean electricity per year.

Construction on the lake solar project is expected to begin in spring 2023. LEAG has also previously mentioned that the project could be operational next year.

Fabian von Oesen, Head of Renewable Energy at LEAG, said: "The Cottbus Ostsee lake covers an area of ​​1,900 hectares. Although the floating solar panels occupies less than one percent of the lake's surface, it will make an important contribution to the climate-friendly power supply of the Cottbus port area. contribute."

The size of the lake makes it feasible to install these types of floating PV plants without encroaching on the shores of the lake used for tourism or interfering with planned shipping routes, according to the press release. According to LEAG calculations, the power station generates enough electricity to power 5,700 homes each year.

Mayor Holger Kelch added: "Floating PV is just the first step we are taking together. Projects like wind turbines and lake water heat pumps will follow."

Lake Cottbus Ostsee will also be the largest artificial inland lake in Germany. Germany wants to have 215GW of installed PV capacity by the end of this decade.

In addition, LEAG plans to develop other renewable energy projects on other former fossil fuel project sites in Brandenburg.

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