400w shingled solar panels

400w shingled all black solar panels with CE/TUV/ISO

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    Mono crystalline
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400w shingled all black solar panels with CE/TUV/ISO

Advantages of shingled solar cells:

1、 Solve the hot spot problem, and enhance the crack resistance. Due to the unique arrangement of the laminated modules, the influence of the resistance of the welding strip on the power of the module is reduced, the minimum power loss during the module packaging process is guaranteed, and the influence of the reverse current on the hot spot effect of the module is reduced. The unique flexible connection of the laminated tile module can effectively reduce the hidden crack of the battery chip that may be caused by the module transportation and on-site installation, and control the hidden crack extension.

2、 It is applicable to high sheltered areas such as high latitude and intensive land use. Compared with other conventional components, the laminated component has lower power loss under partial shading, so it is more suitable for high latitude areas, land intensive projects and distributed projects.

3、 Increase the number of battery cells to increase the power of components. The number of dischargeable battery chips increases by 13%, and the power of the module can be increased by 15-20W. The lamination technology realizes no battery chip spacing by overlapping small battery chips. More battery chips can be placed in the same area, which effectively expands the light receiving area of the battery chip. The power generation gain can reach 18.5%, and the module efficiency can be improved to 18.81%, which is much higher than the half chip, multi grid and other component technologies: high density, space saving, The number of battery chips that can be placed on the same type of components increases by 13%.

4、 The design without main grid is adopted to reduce the shading area of metal grid line. The non main grid design of the laminated battery reduces the shading area of the metal grid line and improves the output power of the module.


5、 Serial parallel structure reduces internal resistance and shading effect. The special series parallel structure of the laminated module reduces the internal resistance and internal power consumption of the module. The parallel circuit design makes the power drop of the laminated modules have a linear relationship with the shadow shielding area. Compared with other conventional modules, it performs better under the condition of partial shading.



Module SUN410-DE21M SUN415-DE21M SUN420-DE21M SUN425-DE21M SUN430-DE21M
Maximum Power(Pmax) 410W 415W 420W 425W 430W
Maximum Power Voltage(Vmp) 38.80V 38.90V 39.00V 39.10V 39.20V
Maximum Power Current(Imp) 10.57A 10.67A 10.77A 10.87A 10.97A
Open-circuit Voltage(Voc) 46.60V 46.70V 46.80V 46.90V 47.00V
Short-circuit Current(Isc) 11.07A 11.12A 11.17A 11.22A 11.27A
Module Efficiency STC(%) 21.34% 21.63% 21.89% 22.15% 22.41%
Operating Temperature() -40~+85
Maximum system voltage 1000/1500V DC(IEC)
Maximum series fuse rating 20A
Power tolerance 0-5W
Temperature coefficients of Pmax -0.340%
Temperature coefficients of Voc -0.270%
Temperature coefficients of Isc 0.04%
Nominal operating cell temperature(NOCT) 42.3±2


Essential details  
Place of Origin: Anhui, China
Brand Name: Sunrover
Model Number: SUN420-60FB 420W
Cell size: 182mmx182mm
Type: PERC, Double-glass, All Black, MWT, IBC, HJT, hbc, Flexible, BIPV, Overlapping, shingled mono Solar Panel
Panel Dimensions: 1719*1140*35mm
Panel Efficiency: 21.10%
Certificate: TUV/ETL/CE, complete international certificates
Warranty: 25years
Product name: TUV certified 420watt solar panel 700w for electricity
Solar cell: Mono crystalline 182x182mm
Number of Cells: 120cells
Weight: 21kg
Glass: 3.2mm white toughened safety Glass
Frame: Anodized Aluminium Alloy
Junction Box: IP67,Rated Current: 18A
Application: Commercial, civil, open space, roof, lake surface, etc.
OEM/ODM: yes
Supply Ability  
Supply Ability 1000 Piece/Pieces per Week
Packaging & delivery  
Packaging Details Shingled Solar Panel 420W Full Black Monocrystalline Solar Panel
  1.Standard exporting Wooden and Carton Box
  2.Container: 40'HQ
  3. Pieces Per Container: 806
  The packaging can be customized according to the needs of different customers
Port Shanghai/Ningbo


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